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The Australian Tyre Recyclers Association (ATRA) is established to represent the interests of the legitimate and sustainable used tyre collection and recycling sector in Australia. ATRA members recycle more than 20Million used tyre units per annum or around 400,000 tyres per week. This represents around 95% of Australia’s used tyre recycling activity and around 86% of the available market (as mine tyres account for around 1/3rd of all used tyres generated in Australia but are generally buried on-site these tyres are not ‘available’ to the market) ATRA members seek to minimize any temporary stockpiling, minimize any residuals disposal to landfill and do not bale for export. Used tyres processed by ATRA members are recycled for reuse as Tyre Derived Fuels (TDF) replacing coal in industrial facilities in Japan and South Korea – every tonne of TDF replacing coal saves around one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions; rubber crumb for sports fields and other soft fall surfacing; in bitumen and asphalt; and for civil works. More information about used tyre products is available in the Sustainability section of this website.

Greenhouse gas benefits of tyre derived fuels

New report demonstrates greenhouse gas benefits of Tyre Derived Fuel

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Recycling Process

Tyres are shredded into chips or cut into pieces which cannot hold dirt or water


Victorian regulations

New waste tyre regulations set to commence in Victoria. Licences required for any site holding more than 5000EPU’s. Details of the new licence scheme available here: